World Introduction

The Sundering

  Once there were countless material realms separated by the elemental planes in a carefully balanced order. The mortal races were not content with what they had been gifted though and waged great wars against each other. The final war to be fought would bring about The Sundering.   The Ethereal plane that held the elemental planes in balance would be unraveled by magical weapons of terribly destructive power. Through the collapse of the elemental planes the ties that bound the material planes together were ripped asunder by the raw magical chaos.   The end result of the chaotic mingling of the Ethereal and Elemental planes would become known as the Aether. This maelstrom of pure magical energy in time would become traversable by vessels fitted with Rune Engine.

Living in the Sundered Cosmos


With the functionally immortal lifespans allowed by Ego Circuits Rune Tech, the populace of The Sundered Cosmos is a deeply scarred one. Many people alive still remember the great catastrophes that befell them, as well as the likely billions of lives presumably lost from every material realm.   With all of that in mind hundreds of years have also worked to dull the memories of what has been lost. People have very little time to worry about what they once had, between hyper consumerism and the boot of mega corporations and surviving empires at their throats.

Mega Corporations

Before The Sundering the corporations had already held immense sway over the politics of daily life. After the Sundering however governments were in disarray and many corporations already had influence across the planes. With the disarray many corporations have taken advantage of the situation and seized the power of governance over the masses.   These Mega Corporations exercise this power differently from shard to shard, but there is no mistake that they wield tremendous authority. On many planes they exude this power through heavy lobbying nearly on the level of extortion, but there are other shards like Arcwell where the concept of corporate citizenship is a reality.

Technology & Magic

In the world of Sundered Cosmos Rune Tech has risen in place of traditional technology. Mages and engineers carefully craft rune circuits to create all manner of modern wonders. One of the greatest marvels of the modern era is the Mesh and Ego Circuits.   Through the shared consciousness space of the Mesh communication and computational capabilities boomed and allowed the trajectory of innovation within the cosmos to skyrocket. Some of those innovations include the ego circuits, cybernetic limbs, and even the Rune Engine.

Threats from Beyond

While mortal power struggle to retain or take power for themselves, darker forces stir at the edges of creation. Needless to say for the vast majority of citizens endless life in the status quo is a fairly miserable prospect, and the promise of a new world or oblivion can be a tempting offer for some.


From within the Aether have come about the Wyldlings who view the Aether as a new cosmos attempting to be born into existence. They seek to sink the shards deep into the Aether depths so that they're new world may be born into existence. The Wyldlings tend to work directly with mortals in an attempt to achieve their ends. In some cases powerful Wyldlings even pose as deity figures to be worshipped.

The Labyrinth

When the gods rebelled against the creator of The Pattern before his death he bound them and their followers to the false pattern they created. This place became known as The Labyrinth and it would be their eternal prison. From this place though the denizens reach out with promises of power and the sweet release of oblivion to mortals. It is the Daemons hopes that through their mortal agents they will be able to unravel all of existence and finally end their torment.

Where to Start

The best way to start exploring the wonderful dystopic world of Sundered Cosmos is probably to start checking out the wiki style links here on this page. Just pick the things that seem the most interesting and dive into them.   Outside of that I am also working on a Table Top RPG and fiction set within the world which Pen Pals and Patrons get a sneak peak at.

Pen Pals

I have a weekly newsletter where I talk about my weeks creation, interesting resources I found, and generally the strategies I use to cope with being a fully employed parent trying to pursue my passions in a balanced healthy way. You can sign up to be a Pen Pal over at my personal website


For those who love The Sundered Cosmos and all the things being created around it you can help support it's continued development at Patreon. For those able to support at an ongoing level there will be plenty of Work in Progress access to give you a sneak peak into the inner workings of what's being created.


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