Sundered Cosmos High Magic, Low Life

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The planar pathways that once bound the realms together have long since been torn asunder leaving the material planes separated by the vast swaths of the Aether sea. Despite the catastrophic destruction caused by The Sundering nothing can stop the relentless pursuit of profits.   It would not take long for the arcana techs of the cosmoses mega corporations to develop Rune Engines that allowed them to ply the roiling chaos of the Aether and once again tighten their grip on the throats of society. From near eternally indentured corporate citizens, to covert corporate special ops, The Sundering has not slowed but instead accelerated the cosmos into a dystopian future.   While mortals continue to toil away on their petty plots assert their dominance over the cosmos darker forces stir in the shadows. From the Aether the wyldlings have come into being seeking to birth for themselves a new world. Even worse yet the tormented amongst The Labyrinth seek to unravel all of creation and end their plight.
The Sundered Cosmos is a Dystopic world that imagines what the far future of a fantasy setting would look like. What happens when magic overcomes technology putting the wonders of space travel, and even functional immortality into the reach of mortals. It is a world in which vast mega corporations have near complete governance over the oppressed masses as governments desperately struggle to avoid crumbling under the strains The Sundering has accelerated.  
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